Projekti 'Novus Spectrum' lõpukonverents 23. veebruaril! 18.02.2013

As the youth democracy project "Novus Spectrum" is coming to end, then all the project coordinators would like to thank You, who you have been taking a part of our events and thinking about the issues that our project has covered, to our project-ending Youth Conference.

Thereby we are glad to invite you to participate in our conference that takes place on 23th of February (Saturday) at 12 o` clock in Tallink City Hotel (Laikmaa str 5, Opposite Viru Keskus).

The detailed program about the conference and performance will be announced soon.

The general vision is that Conference will consist of two blocks, from where:

1st block will offer an overview about the "Novus Spectrum" project, European Law and European Citizens Initiative topics (in regards to 2013 as European Year ofCitizens.


The second block of presentations will be given by our partners from the organizations JEF Findland and EMI Finland offering an introducion of the organization of Finnish Young Europeans and also about the federalism as a possible future for Europe.

There is no fee for the event!

For participating, klick 'Join' in our facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/337785559656112/

In addition there will be interactive day held on 24th of Feb for Finnish partners, from where 10 Estonian participants can take a part. 10 first who are interested and will register to Mari-Liis Mäevere mariliismaevere@gmail.com can participate.


Algus: 12.00
12.00 – Kogunemine, registreeringu kinnitamine
12.15 – Heikko Kukk, projekti „Novus Spectrum“ vabatahtlik: „Events organized by Novus Spectrum and their impact on youth”
12.45 – Erkki Bahovski, Euroopa Komisjoni Eesti esinduse teabenõunik, Eesti Välispoliitika Instituudi juhatuse liige: "Current Situation in the European Union and possible future perspectives".
13.30 – Ahto Lobjakas, Eesti Välispoliitika Instituudi analüütik, kolumnist: "European Citizen’s Initiative and it’s impact on European democracy".
14.15 ─ Lõunasöök (Tallink City Hotel)
14.45 ─ Emilia Machuca, Vice President of JEF Europe: “JEF, Federalism and the EU: towards an ever closer union”
15.20 ─ Henrik Manner, Vice-President of JEF-Finland (Eurooppanuoret): ”European Movement in Finland – best practices and good experiences”
16.00- Lõpusõnad

Üritust toetatakse programmist Euroopa Noored


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