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Rahvusvahelise Euroopa Liikumise ühismanifest Euroopa Parlamendi valimisteks
Rahvusvaheline Euroopa Liikumine on vastu võtnud ühise manifesti, milles tunnustavad senist Euroopa integratsiooni edu demokraatia ja jõukuse tagamisel, kuid kutsuvad tulevast Euroopa Parlamenti üles konkreetsetele tegudele praeguse maailma väljakutsete osas nagu globaliseerumine, majanduskriis, keskkonnaküsimused. Loe rahvusvahelise Euroopa Liikumise manifesti.

European Movement Manifesto for the 2009 European parliament elections

We Europeans believe in the values of peace, freedom and solidarity.

We recognise the success of European integration in securing democracy and prosperity in Europe through the unification of the continent.

The rapid evolution of globalisation presents new challenges. The crises are obvious in economic, financial, security and ecological matters. We can successfully face these challenges only if the European Union is able to speak and to act as a real Union.

It’s time to act!

We expect brave and innovative decisions. We want concrete benefits from the EU in our everyday life. Therefore, we demand:

a European Economic Policy for ensuring growth, employment and sustainable development, in particular to overcome the current crisis;

a European Energy and Environmental Policy for ensuring a global leadership in the battle against climate change and managing a European Energy Reserve to guarantee a strategic independence of the EU;

a Solidarity Clause to ensure Member States’ protection against terrorism and natural catastrophes;

a real Security and Defence Policy aiming at preventing conflicts and at contributing to peace-keeping;

a Citizens’ Initiative Right in order to listen to the voice of the people;

a European Civilian Service to promote EU citizenship among young people;

European symbols

to be officially recognised by all European institutions.

We ask the candidates for the next European Parliament elections (June 2009) to be ambitious and to convert these proposals into new initiatives taken by the next European Parliament.


European Movement Manifesto for the 2009 European parliament elections



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